On my first day, it was raining heavily and in order to keep up to my schedule, I had to power through the rain, walking through sand and mud up a mountain, while a chilling wind blew through my bones for 3 hours straight. I thought this would be my worst day, I have never been so wrong. The third day, I had to climb thousands of steep stairs to the top of a mountain and go down to the bottom to cross the river via a suspension bridge and then go up again. On my fourth day, as the elevation hit 3000 meters, I had trouble breathing and I had to stop grasping for air more often and longer breaks than usual. The walk that should have taken me 2 hours, took me 4 hours.

Life can sometimes be like that. The moment you think you had the worst day ever, you are hit with another and another. The key is not to EXPECT that tomorrow will be better or worst. Just deal with the problem today and that’s it. Don’t fill up your mind with tomorrow’s problems. That is for tomorrow.